Professor Henryk Skarzynski will be a special guest during a seminar „On health of the Sadeckie population – from oncology to hearing loss”

Oncology, social security and hearing were the leading topics of a seminar titled “On health of the Sadeckie population”, which took place on March 28, 2019 at the Malopolska Cultural Center “Sokol” in Nowy Sacz.  Professor Henryk Skarzynski was a special guest at the seminar and gave a lecture “Population studies among school children as basis for universal disease prevention”. On this occasion specialists from the World Hearing Center conducted hearing examinations at the Mobile Hearing Center among inhabitants of Nowy Sacz. For many years the seminars have attracted the attention of the people of Nowy Sacz. It is organized under the auspices of portal and “Sadeczanin” periodical.

The seminar was commenced by Jerzy Bochynski, vice-president of the Sadeckie Foundation and Tomasz Kowalski, editor-in-chief of the internet portal and the “Sadeczanin” monthly journal. Specialists representing various fields of medicine, hospital and health clinic directors, practicing physicians as well as officials responsible for healthcare organization in the Malopolskie province arrived in New Sacz to participate in the conference.

It was a unique opportunity to participate in interesting lectures, conversations and discussions. The scope of this year’s seminar was broad and topics were divided into several blocks. One of the leading issues related to a variety of hearing problems, which according to the studies by the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing, affects about 20% of children and adolescents. Professor Henryk Skarzynski talked about the importance of screening tests among school children, prevalence of hearing impairment and the significance of prophylaxis.

We must shape health-promoting attitudes – said Professor Henryk Skarzynski. – If we do so, it will be an investment in our own health.  For that reason, among other things, since 2016 on my own initiative a team of specialists from the World Hearing Center together with members of the Clinical Studies Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences and experts from various fields have implemented the Multispecialty Program of Preventing Civilization Diseases and Aiding the Health of Poles “Health First”, which every year directly reaches several thousand people around Poland. From this year on, our activities will be going on throughout the year. It is the largest multispecialty prophylactic program aimed at health promotion in the Polish population, shaping healthy attitudes as well as intergenerational solidarity in mutual support, particularly with regard to the seniors. – Added Professor Skarzynski.

It is worth reminding that the „Health First” program was created to support systemic and ministerial actions, mainly because the results of this year’s studies and consultations conducted by specialist teams indicate that nowadays there is a need for such a coherent, though out program more than ever. While there is noticeable progress in interventional medicine, there is little change with respect to prophylaxis. Judging from survey studies and conversations with patients, the level of awareness regarding threats ensuing from civilization diseases and disorders, especially those most commonly occurring in the aging society, is highly insufficient. A significant proportion of Poles is not fully aware of the importance of prophylactic examinations for maintaining health and fitness.

– It is not possible to examine each patient and reach every town through our past, current and future activities as well as during similar actions conducted on various scales by others. However, I am deeply convinced that we might have a real impact on shaping pro-health attitudes among Poles. Our fellow countrymen often lack the knowledge what tests should be done for the sake of their health, or where to perform them. Preventive care is an area that requires special attention, particularly in the smaller Polish towns. – concluded Professor Skarzynski.

Speakers during the seminar included key opinion leaders from various fields of medicine all over Poland, representatives of the Polish Ministry of Health, National Health Fund, State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, and Social Insurance Institution.

It also is worth mentioning that beside listening to lectures and discussions as well as having opportunities to ask questions, guests could also benefit from hearing tests at the Mobile Hearing Center, visit exhibition stands, talk, and try out healthy, organic products.