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Educational activities

Educational and training activities of the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing are addressed to students and different groups of specialists in the fields of hearing, voice, speech and communication disorders, dysfunctions of breathing, balance and recurring infections of the upper airways. These activities are being conducted in collaboration with Polish and foreign research and academic units. Some of the didactic activities are addressed also to patients and their families.

Beneficiaries of the Institute’s educational activities include not only Polish specialists but also, increasingly, specialists from abroad: Europe, Asia, South and North America and Africa.

Educational and training activities of the Institute include:

Undergraduate education

  • For the students of the Physiotherapy Division of the Second Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw (based on the joint Otolaryngology and Rehabilitation Clinic of the Physiotherapy Division)
  • For the students of the specialization „Speech Therapy and Audiology” run in cooperation with the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin
  • For the students of the Postsecondary School of Audiology of the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing (in the profession hearing prosthetician)

Postgraduate education

  • Courses and trainings for audiology and phoniatrics and otorhinolaryngology majors,
  • Training in speech and language therapy for hearing impaired (College of Speech Therapy) and neurologopaedics

Continual and specialist education

Institute’s educational program bases on the modern methods and forms of education. Courses are conducted both as the stationary studies and as the distance learning (e-learning). The Institute has two high-technology teleconferencing studios that are used for all types of educational activities.

An important factor contributing to the high efficacy of the educational process is a modern didactic base of the Institute that includes 7 conference rooms with 800 places, the only in Poland – 2 multimedia studios of telemedicine and a spacious exhibition area. All rooms are furnished with modern audiovisual equipment and systems for transmission of sound and picture between conference rooms and to the internet.

A unique function is the possibility of transmitting the 3D picture from the surgery room to conference rooms. Surgery room has also an audiovisual connection with the state of the art surgical laboratory, enabling course participants to observe the maneuvers of the instructor demonstrating surgical techniques while performing the same procedures on temporal bones.

The Institute supports an active medical students’ scientific circle, winner of the numerous awards  on the conferences of the students’ scientific circles. It conducts also holiday practices for students of the foreign technical universities.

Educational and training activities of the Institute is popularized through the Education Portal, that is also used for distribution of training materials and for evaluation of students’ progress. The portal has about 10,000 visits monthly and more than 1,000 users. Dedicated e-learning platform LMS serves continually more than 500 students.

Educational and training activities are organized and supervised by the Education and Training Team.