World Hearing Center received the Golden Laurel of Innovation

If the measure of our usefulness to the society is the largest number of hearing improving surgeries per day all over the world – in the awarded today World Hearing Center – actually we feel useful– said Prof. Henryk Skarzynski during the awards ceremony of  the Second National Competition of the innovative technical projects organized by the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, which took place on November 27, 2012 in Warsaw Technician’s House of the Chief Technical Organization. The competition is organized to support and promote the artists, concepts, ideas and all innovation activities, that are a key to the development of Polish economy and are important and useful for the country and society. In this year’s competition in the category “building, construction, security, fire-fighting” the Golden Laurel of Innovation was received by the World Hearing Center.

I am very pleased that I directed the Center which has been recognized and awarded by the jury of the Competition. World Hearing Center is an extraordinary unit. By creating an establishment and a working plan of the Center since the beginning, I have seen it in many dimensions and in different scientific communities, not only in the field of medicine, but also beyond. I wanted this institution to guarantee – through its scientific activity – building a new image, position of Polish science and medicine in the world, and to show new directions. This award shows that we have succeeded  – said Prof. H. Skarzynski thanking for the award.

The innovation in the World Hearing Center is primarily a contemporary use of telemedicine, which is the world’s first National Teleaudiology Network with 20 stations in the country, which optimal location enables to organize: telerehabilitation care, telediagnostic planned visits and telefitting – remote selection of the electrical stimulation parameter of the auditory pathway after cochlear implantation. Innovation is also a development of a number of research programs for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of various hearing, voice, speech, balance and breathing disorders on an unprecedented scale in the word. It is also Bioimaging Research Center which was opened not so long ago. It is the first center in Poland that conducts research and clinical studies using modern imaging methods such as functional magnetic resonance imaging for the evaluation of the auditory pathway. Scientific research and implementation are complemented by the clinical activity carried out at the highest level, that gives measurable benefits to the specific patient and educational activity that allows for the dissemination of contemporary standards of treatment of a wide range of professionals from different fields.

Today, we can say, that in this field of medicine Polish patient has often better access to the latest clinical solutions than in most developed countries in the world. This is a reason for common pride of all of us, to the great satisfaction of what was created in Kajetany near Warsaw – said Prof. H. Skarzynski.