Professor Henryk Skarzynski at 4th Congress of Innovative Economy

4th Congress of the Innovative Economy was held on June 25th – 26th 2013 in the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, under the honorary patronage of the President of Poland H.E. Bronislaw Komorowski. The Polish Chamber of Commerce organized the event, creating an open platform to exchange opinions among all participants-beneficiaries of pro-innovative activities in Poland. This platform is used to develop specific solutions to accelerate the process of transformation of the Polish economy towards a more innovative model.

The motto of this year’s edition of the Congress was: “Innovation – how others make it ? Let us learn from the best” . Indeed, professor Henryk Skarzynski was invited to support the group of the best ones. He delivered a speech titled: “Telemedicine and pharmacotherapy – how to stimulate progress?”. Listeners got convinced that the Polish economic conditions do not limit possibilities to achieve innovative organizational, scientific and clinical successes. One such example is the newly opened World Hearing Center, which has implemented a number of innovative solutions in science, education, and clinical activities. For the purposes of scientific research, there were created unique scientific units, equipped with the latest research tools. There was also established a modern multimedia studio, which is used for distance learning and telerehabilitation purposes. Innovativeness of the Center also comprises Bioimaging Research Center, opened four years ago. It is the first such center in Poland where research and clinical studies are conducted using modern imaging methods.

– From the very beginning, when making a project and an action plan for the Centre, I believed that not only doctors but also managers from all the world will learn from us, Poles. We should to be proud of our achievement. Not only we perform many pioneering surgery to improve hearing of our patients, and have a well-equipped training center with the most modern Head and Neck Clinical Research Laboratory, but also we are exemplary in the management of time, human and other resources. This results in effects of the highest global standards. – said professor Skarzynski.

The two-day Congress consisted of 10 panel discussions, attended by over 100 prominent representatives of science, business and politics from Poland, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States.