„Poland Now” (Teraz Polska) Foundation acknowledged Prof. Henryk Skarżyński

On 22 July, 2013, the meeting of Now Poland Summer Club took place in Der Elefant restaurant in Warsaw. Many laureates of Now Poland contest, co-workers and friends of Polish Promotion Emblem Fund arrived to participate in the meeting. During the event, and as part of the celebrations of 20th anniversary of Polish Promotion Program Poland Now, the most important and closest friends and Program’s promoters were handed the commemorative medals. Among them was Prof. Henryk Skarżyński who additionally was honored with special distinction: “Acknowledgement for the involvement into the Polish Promotion Program development in the domain of innovations”.

– I am pleased to receive this Acknowledgement from Mr. Krzysztof Przybył, the President. 8 years ago, yet being the Director of the International Center of Hearing and Speech, when I was receiving the Poland Now Emblem for the “Program of hearing disorders treatment with  hearing implants” I strongly believed that soon we will be able to show to the world a next, great innovative undertaking. Today, in the World Hearing Center – opened last year, unique and first such unit of a kind on a global scale – innovativeness is applied mostly in modern telemedical solution, such as first in the world National Network of Teleaudiology enabling the organization of a medical care for patients from 20 centers across Poland. They receive telerehabilitation care, telediagnostics and telefitting – the remote fitting of electric stimulation parameters after cochlear implantation. –  said Prof. Skarżyński – Innovativeness is presented also in many unique research programs regarding diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of many impairments of hearing, voice, speech, balance and breathing, as well as the opening 3 years ago of the Bioimaging Research Center – first in Poland center where scientific and clinical researches with the application of modern imaging methods such as fMRI are run. These solutions are for us – not only the creators but also for the Poles – the reason to be proud of. They promote our country abroad  as a place being a ground for innovations, because the establishment of such unit as the World Hearing Center guarantees – via scientific activity – the creation of  new image, position of Polish science and medicine in the world – continued the Professor.

The Polish Promotion Emblem Fund has been running the Polish Promotion Program for over 20 years. The goal of the program is to popularize the modern methods of production and management, and to support companies acting on the Polish market in building and strengthening their brands. Within the program, the non-commercial contest “Poland Now” is organized. The contest aims at selecting the group of best products and services which due to their technological and utilitarian quality stand out on the market and can be a pattern for others. The prestige of the Poland Now Emblem is strengthen by: transparent contest procedures, objectivity, competence and independence of the experts and members of the Chapter and the patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland.