Promotion of Polish successes

„Sharing a success we help to multiply it” said Prof. Henryk Skarżyński, President of the Foundation of Polish Academy of Success, opening a ceremony of presenting the medals of the Polish Academy of Success in the hall of Senate of the Medical University of Warsaw on April 20, 2015. The ceremony was accompanied by an open debate from the series ‘Achievement of our 25 years’ – ‘Successes of Polish Medicine’.

This year, the Chapter of the Polish Academy of Success awarded the eminent experts in different fields of medicine, whose achievements are well-known in Poland and abroad. Golden Medals were presented to:

  • Prof. Jan Lubiński from the Pomeranian Medical University. Since early 1990s he is steadily developing Polish program of genetic studies for detection of abnormal genes linked to increased risk of tumor development. During the debate Prof. Lubiński pointed out that together with progress in genetic studies we observe change of patients attitude towards genetic testing.
  • Prof. Paweł Nyckowski from the hepatic transplantation team of the Medical University of Warsaw was awarded for achievements in surgical treatment of patients suffering from the most serious liver disorders, especially for liver transplantations.
  • Prof. Jerzy Jabłecki from the St. Hedwig of Silesia’s Hospital in Trzebnica, co-author of hand transplantation program. He leads one of the most active limb transplantation centers. There have been 103 such surgeries done until present day globally, with nine of them performed in Trzebnica, including one bilateral transplantation.
  • The Chapter of the Medal awarded also the achievements of Polish business. Dr. Lechosław Franciszek Ciupik, founder of LfC company from Czerwieńsk near Zielona Góra, received an award in the category ‘Small and Medium Enterprises’ for their success in the field of design and manufacture of spinal implants.
  • Golden Medal of the Polish Academy of Success was awarded also to the Journalists’ Club of Health Promotion Association. Medal was received by Ms Jadwiga Kamińska, President of the Association. Journalists were awarded, among other things, for their integrity in reporting medical and scientific information.

During the debate ‘Achievement of our 25 years’ – ‘Successes of Polish Medicine’ among other topics were discussed Polish success in the field of telemedicine. Prof. Henryk Skarżyński  presented to participants the principles of the first in the world National Network of Teleaudiology, which is the system providing care for users of hearing implants and other hearing impaired patients. – Without this system, specialists from the World Hearing Center would not have been able to conduct 200 thousand consultations per year. It would not have been possible to perform hearing screening programs, which the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing conducts on a very large scale – underlined Prof. Skarżyński. The national Network of Teleaudiology, introduced into clinical practice in Kajetany, is a model for other medical centers around the world.