Prof. Henryk Skarżyński became a Corresponding Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences

During the 140th session held in Warsaw on 5 December 2019, the General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences selected new members of one of the most prestigious scientific collective bodies in Poland. Members of the Academy are chosen by the General Assembly from among scholars of unblemished repute who have made outstanding contributions to their fields and command respect among the scientific community. Prof. Henryk Skarżyński joined this reputable group of scholars. The deliberations were chaired by the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Prof.  Jerzy Duszyński.

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Academy and a prestigious corporation of scholars. It consists of all national members of the Polish Academy of Sciences – renowned scholars, who set the directions of the development and work of the Academy.

The candidates were proposed to the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences until 31 July. Next, the divisions of the Academy, which represent various fields of science, formulated their recommendations. The final list of the nominees was presented to the Presidium of the Academy, and the final decision was made by the General Assembly.

It’s worth adding that the Members of the Academy are selected by its General Assembly from among the most prominent Polish and foreign scholars. The national members of the Academy, numbering up to 350, are divided into two groups: ordinary members and corresponding members. The membership of the Academy is a life function, but after the age of 70 the members have the status of a senior-member. The members of the Academy are divided into 5 divisions, which group the scholars by research subject. Prof. Henryk Skarżyński has been the President of The Committee on Clinical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences since 2011.