Sensory Examination Capsule awarded in Paris

On November 15, 2022, a gala was held in Paris to officially announce the PRIX EIFFEL 2022 International Invention Competition results. In this competition, the Sensory Examination Capsule – an innovative and globally unique multifunctional device enabling diagnostics of the most essential senses in one place – was awarded the Platinum Medal. The event was organized by: the French Federation of Inventors (FFI), the French Association of Inventors “Europe France Inventeurs” (EFI) and Eurobusiness-Haller in cooperation with the Haller Pro Inventio Foundation.

The Sensory Examination Capsule is a final product of the project entitled “Integrated system of tools for diagnosis and telerehabilitation of disorders of the sensory organs (hearing, vision, speech, balance, smell, taste), acronym INNOSENSE” created by prof. Henryk Skarżyński. This project was subsidized by the strategic program “Prevention and treatment of civilization diseases” – STRATEGMED. As part of the project, innovative equipment, testing procedures, screening and diagnostic tests were developed. The Capsule enables the independent performance of screening tests of the sensory organs (hearing, vision, balance, smell, taste) and the speech organ, so necessary in interpersonal communication. It also allows for population-based screening testing in various age and occupational groups, and the developed model of screening and diagnostic tests in the Capsule, supported by the results of surveys, allows for a significantly increased precision in detecting sensory disorders while minimizing the time required for testing. Medical specialists may consult and recommend other necessary tests and supervise rehabilitation by applying modern telemedicine tools.

The competition was held with the international support of the World Intellectual Property Association (WIIPA). Its mission is to promote and commercialize innovations. The competition’s patron is Gustave Eiffel, a prominent designer and innovator, a flagship figure of the industrialization era, creator of the Eiffel Tower – the symbol of Paris, and other innovative projects implemented in France and many other countries.

All inventions submitted for the PRIX EIFFEL 2022 competition were evaluated by a jury of science and industry representatives. The jury chairman Philippe Couperie Eiffel is a descendant of the competition’s patron. The praesidium included Gérard Roquillon – President of FFI, Patrick Herbault – President of EFI; and Manli Hsieh – President of WIIPA. The awarded prizes included: Grand Prix, platinum, gold, silver and bronze medals and special awards. The awards were handed by Philippe Couperie Eiffel – Chairman of the jury, accompanied by the event organizers.

In this year’s competition edition, 234 inventions were presented from 15 countries: Saudi Arabia, Chile, Ecuador, France, Iran, Yemen, Qatar, Malaysia, Poland, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. Another highlight of the award announcement gala was a tour of Expoprotection.