Prof. Henryk Skarżyński appointed as a member of the Partnership Agreement Committee

On 16 February  2023, Grzegorz Puda, Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, signed the appointment of Prof. Henryk Skarżyński, representing the General Council for Science and Higher Education, as a member of the Partnership Agreement Committee for 2021-2027. The Committee ensures coordination and supervises the Partnership Agreement and implementing programs. The Partnership Agreement Committee is the main body supporting the Minister in spending European Union funds per Poland’s commitments. The Partnership Agreement is the primary document defining the strategy for using European Funds.

The critical tasks of the Partnership Agreement Committee (PC) include: supervising the PA implementation and supporting programs, drafting proposed amendments to the agreement, analyzing issues of a horizontal nature affecting its implementation, evaluating the implementation of 11 thematic objectives relating to European Funds, monitoring the complementarity of support for programs implemented in Poland, co-financed from European Union funds.

The Partnership Agreement for 2021-2027 is implemented based on specific forms of support for individuals, companies and local government units. It assumes continued implementation of existing national programs, sixteen regional programs, and cross-border and transnational cooperation programs.